We were looking forward to this tour for a long time.  Finally Monday the 1st of December was the kick off of the Darkest Tour. with our label mates Septic Flesh and the legends in their own way: Moonspell, Gorgoroth and Cradle of Filth
Early in the morning together with our tour manager and driver we were heading with our van to London. Were we would meet everybody and go on the tour bus. From Calais to Dover everything went well, until we got stuck in traffic.
Darkest Tour Cradle of Filth Gorgoroth Moonspell Septic Flesh Asrai
And soon we heard that we were not the only one... Time was not our friend, so when we heard that there was a possibility that one of the bands couldn’t play we drove like a maniac through the streets of London. We arrived with adrenaline rushing though our veins, although it didn’t help us much…
we heard that one band couldn’t play… and in this case it was us…

Well at least we had all the time to watch all the shows and enjoy being there.


So when after the shows finally 52 people and all the stuff found their way in four tour busses, one truck and a trailer we were ready to go to Paris… Peter brought back our van and we will meet him at 013.  After a bumpy ride we woke up in Paris, with one eye open we saw the Sacré Coeur de Montmartre and it was time to get up... First we drove straight up to a parking space near the Seine, so there was enough room at the Bataclan to unload the truck....

After a glance at the Seine we went back to the bus, up to the Bataclan, where a queue was waiting. The venue was beautiful and the breakfast was nice and more then welcome. And everybody got the time to know each other.
Hard work to set everything up on time but it was all worth it. The audience was great and it was nice to finally meet the people from SOM.
Time is going fast when you have a good time so before we know it we were on our way back to The Netherlands again.  Were we would play at the 013, the showers were so appreciated and that of course wasn’t the only thing... It is always a pleasure to play at Tilburg were we meet Bas Maas (After Forever, Rock Justice) who will join us for the rest of the tour.
While Gorgoroth was chased by a filmcrew from Fobiac we were getting ready for being on stage.

We said goodbye to Johan who couldn’t do all shows, but we’re sure  glad that he was with us the first three days.

Your hands so cold
Touch in the dark
Delilah's lie
Stay with me
In front of me
The next gig was at Saarbrücken and we would also spend our first day off  there. After the show most of us ended up at the pub of the Garage and had a really good time there.
Sadly enough we had to say goodbye to Rik. Because of his new job he couldn’t get all the days off so we would see him on stage again at Belgium. We walked with him to the hotel and took a shower there, that was an unexpectedly luxury.
Rik got back the next day by train.

A pity that the tour bus couldn’t stay at the venue so we end up far from the centre of Saarbrücken, a problem what was easily solved by taxi... so with the four of us we end up at a Christmas market at Saarbrücken and we couldn’t resist the cuisine of Germany and had a breakfast and dinner at the same time.


When we saw it all we went back to the bus and heard that we all got free tickets to go to the Monster Magnet show. So within the hour we were back again... and getting a flash back, because after the show again we end up at the Garage pub.


Asrai in Saarbrucken with Cradle of Filth

While we were at sleep we arrived at Z7 in Prattelen a shame that we didn’t see much of the country side like last time we were at Suisse. In a good mood and ready to rock.

After this night we would drive straight to Italy, and there was a lot to be done.
A (very) cold venue with a warm audience, after the shows we were looking for a snack and end up outside of the venue.
A shame that the pictures we took didn’t turned out well. Because it was funny to see all the small market with t-shirts from all the bands and with prints what sure wasn’t ours...
We couldn’t resist getting those with us
Again not much sightseeing when we go to Vienna in Austria. The day after we would play at Pesca at Budapest.
We were looking forward to go there. Wanted to see the bridges again and of course we were sleeping when we crossed the border of Hungary. 

Besides the dressing rooms there was a big room where we got spoiled by Sandra’s cooking skills.

Well there was some special sightseeing in the park.
After this day we were looking forward to have a day off again, thinking about all the nice options like Prague.... in the end it became Dresden. It was a bumpy ride and while we were watching a movie downstairs Manon fell from the stairs. First it didn’t seem so seriously but that turn out really differently.
For some reasons we had a long drive so when we finally arrived at Dresden, it was almost four o’clock. And with nothing to eat in the bus it was more then a good idea to go to a restaurant. After a nice meal it was time to explore Dresden. Some wanted to go out in the new centre and we were getting to the old one

Again on a Christmas market were we met some of Cradle of Filth. Really nice atmosphere even the rain couldn’t spoil that one.  Although when it was really getting cold we went to a hotel, were we seeing the wonders of a (kinky) shower.

We went back to the bus and we were missing the running engines of the bus, so it wasn’t the same sleeping in a bus what is not moving. The next morning we wake up early and wanted to see Dresden by daylight. So we went to the public transport and went back to the old centre.


Back on time for the sound check. Cosy venue, with really nice spring water but again the venue was really cold.

Manon had problems with her foot so she ended up in the hospital. It wasn’t broken but seriously bruised.
The next day we woke up in the white place Weimar, loads of snow and no other way to get to the venue with a walk in the snow or by a car. Well we were lucky it was by car, because Manon wasn’t able to walk in a normal way.
The venue was totally different then where we were before. Not to compare, we were more feeling for a meeting then for a gig... although.... Not really actually... we had our first warm gig since a couple of days...
The day after we would play in het Hof ter Lo, and meet Rik again...
It was great to play the show with all of us again.

For us this became the last show. Karin got pneumonia and Manon hardly could walk and needed rest. When we heard that there was something with the bus and one had to go back, the decision was quick but really hard to make.

We don’t want to ruin evil images so we won’t mention any names, but we met so much really nice and remarkable people and we want to thank them for the wonderful time
we had on the Darkest Tour.....
Until we meet again
Asrai with Bas Maas Doro
And of course ,especially we would like to thank Bas Maas. It was great that you wanted to help us out and it was really  great to have you with us on tour
Thanks to Vainproductions, Harold, Septic Flesh, Moonspell, Gorgoroth,
Cradle of Filth and the crew (especially.., you know who you are.).
Asrai x