Video clips



Shattered Time

Shattered Time


Stone Cold

All seems so Hollow

Sour Ground


In  Front of Me

Pale Light

Shadows Accoustic


Asrai Full concert

Eurorock 2015


Live at Paradiso

Sour Ground

Live at Paradiso

Your hands so cold

RAVEN FEST I International Dark Edition

TV shows:

Redemtion TV

Redemption TV, which broadcast during the evening/late night on the now-defunct Musicians Channel  in 2005

Rutger leert stappen: Gothics

Rutger Leert Stappen

 In this program, the presenter, Rutger Castricum, went out with a certain group of people who are going to step into and around Rotterdam, this time in the Gothic scene.

NightTown at a Asrai concert

Show was broadcast on RTV Rijnmond.