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Our 30 th aniversay album!, With our favorits and rarities

Pale Light ( Radio edit), (All seems so ) Hollow, Whisper – Demo, Shadows acoustic version, Recall, In front of me-Radio edit, Something you did _ Sequal/Remix, Sour Ground – Radio edit, Pain, Alice, Eyes in the light of Fire, All seems so hollow – Remix, Child playing in a ring of roses- Remix, A part of you, Tower – Demo, Light – Demo, Stay with me

EP Between Dreams and Destiny.

Stone Cold , Angel, All seems so Hollow, Overworld, Ghost, Stone Cold (Grendel remix)

CD Pearls in Dirt

Delilah' Lie, Your Hands So Cold, Stay With Me, Go, Lost, Something I Said, Awaken, Sour Ground , Roses ,Chain Me



Single In front of me

Single Pale Light

CD As Voices Speak

Pain, As voices speak, Burn, Name, Recall , Rumours, To interfere, A part of you, Light, Something , Burning inside, Mercy