From the depths of Rotterdam's vibrant scene, emerged Asrai, a gothic rock band, a dark dream. Their biography is not one of sunshine and roses, but of mist and thorns, a tale woven from the darkest threads of night. In '85 started by the twin sisters Karin and Margriet with passion and grace, With haunting melodies, they found their place.Their sound, a blend of goth and metal's might,like a beacon in the shadowy night.


Asrai had their journey from analog to digital and from squatto A -list venues and well know festivals like Graspop, Female Voices Fest, Dauwop, FemMe, Noorderslag and Wave Gothic Treffen  Asrai did some unforgettable tours with bands like, Paradise Lost, The Birthday Massacre, Tristania, Unsun, Septic flesh, Moonspell and Cradle Of Filth. Asrai had the pleasure to share the stage with, The Damned, Tiamat, Epica , 69 Eyes and many many more. 



  • The blue tape
  • So clear that you couldn’t tell where the water ended and the air began
  • Love is a lie
  • Live in a package
  • Asrai


  • As voices speak  (1997)                     
  • Touch in the dark (2004)                             
  • Pearls in dirt   (2007)  
  • Between dreams and destiny (EP - 2013) 
  • Hourglass (2017)                              


  • Pale Light         (2004)
  • In Front of me  (2004)
  • Sour ground      (2007)

Digitale Download

  • Shattered Time (2021)    



  • Essent Award  2003 for most promising Dutch band


  • Margriet Mol - Vocals                     
  • Rik Janssen - Guitar                           
  • Jacqui Taylor - Guitar
  • Manon van der Hidde - Keyboard
  • Karin Mol - Drums