After the overwhelming response on our second album Touch in the dark, we were looking forward to work on our third album. We went to the studio again with Hans Pieters and Sascha Peath as our producer.  Due to circumstances Transmission Records wasn't able to release the album....

Pearls in Dirt Asrai Gothic Rock
Lucky we found in Season of Mist our next recordlabel. and we released

Pearls in Dirt

 November 12th worldwide and November 20th in the US.
  • Delilah's Lie
  • Your Hands So Cold
  • Stay With Me
  • Go
  • Lost
  • Something I Said
  • Awaken
  • Sour Ground
  • Roses
  • Chain Me

We had a photoshoot with Alex le Heux, for the artwork of  Pearls in Dirt

I can't breathe this poison.

It strangles little girls.

The marks of pain remaining.

Upon her face a pearl.

The water's black and

the moon drifts by.

Orchestral nights perform their rites

Sinking in Atlantis

They dance on their way down


Buried the ssun with the mysteries within.

Blood on my lips from

the dagger that I kissed

Feed me with your last breath.

Embrace your destination

Take me as far as you dare

I'm on the edge so

Never to last.

Never would there be

Another question to ask

Forgotten in a dying flame