Asrai has been the thread for 30 years through the various chapters in time and our lives. Tossed between ideals, whims, commerce, passion and throw back to the beginning. We started with our own sound, women’s power and just a big finger towards the male dominated scene. With a lot of pleasure we look back to the raw beginning of the band and the doors that opened though time, with the record label Asrai had at Poison Ivy Records, Transmission Records and Season of Mist.

Margriet Mol - Vocals



When we started we created our own opportunity to make music. At the beginning when I started to sing, it as more of a statement. But through time the music got a diffrent meaning and for me it was a way to break  out of a small world full of  rigid expectations.

Singing and making music has increased my world, strengthened my friendships, and I discovered new ways. Therefor I was able to put things to closure.


The thrill of playing, meeting so many  people, and the strong connection in the band and especially the fun in rock and roll.

Mic: Sennheizer 503 (phantom)


Karin Mol  - Drums

We have been through so much together. Success comes with a price and we all paid that one. But the feeling I have while rocking together  on stage is priceless, no words for it how proud I am. 


Drums: Pearl Export


Balbex - Signature sticks

Amedia bekkens: Vigor Rock


Sitting behind the drum kit and looking into the venue, seeing the audience and the rest of the band rocking their heart out I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Together with Margriet, the best sister you could wish for, with a voice that moves me to tears and Manon who sparkles on stage, Jacqui who rocks her heart out. 


Manon van der Hidde - Keyboard



That is something what can only happen when you share the same passion. Being a part of a bunch of people who are making their musical dreams come true is amazing.

One day on 2002 I got a call from the girls; hi, we wanna try how things will work with a keyboard. Do you wanna try and join us and see how things will work out?

So a week later I had the first gig with the band and 15 years later I’m still here. 15 years full of friendship, adventure, creating and recording music, meeting new people & bands, going on tours and the best thing of all; sharing a stage with passionate friends. Just one look at each other and we know exactly what it happening or what the other is thinking. 


Jacqui Taylor - Guitar


Hi, I am a female guitarist and mad about guitars!!! I am a composer/guitar teacher and the guitarist for the band Asrai and also The Clan Destined! and former guitarist for the band Razorbladekisses.  I studied classical music from an early age with lessons in the piano. Then I discovered the expressive, creative world of the guitar and WAS HOOKED!  


I couldn't practice enough! I continued my music studies at the University of Brighton gaining a BA(Hons) in Music and Art. This introduced me to the world of sound recording. Since then I have built up my own studio and have composed music for various dance companies and session guitar work too. I have recorded two albums "Free Spirit" and "Brain Candy".

Rik Janssen - Guitar

Playing guitar us my big passion in my life. Ever since I was little kid I liked this instrument.

Never been to any music school.

I play it by heart. There are no limits.

Heavely influenced by Punkrock so downstroke and loud Marshall amps.




 past & present

Margriet Mol – Vocals and  Karin Mol drums are the founders of Asrai

Elfriede de Vries - Bassguitar (from December 1987 till September 1996) and Bert Rosenbrand - Guitar (from Januari 1988 till September 1996) joined us on stage and in studio, recording: The Blue tape, So Clear that…., Love is a Lie, Live in a Package and Asrai.

With our first CD Asrai voices Speak, Serge Meijerink- guitar (June 1996 till December 1999) and Leah Groeneweg - Bassguitar ( September 1996 till October 2002) joined us on stage as well at the studio.

Jos Tucker (guitar) rocked with us on stage from December 1999 till December 2000.

Recording and releasing Touch in the dark, Pearls in Dirt and Between Dreams and Destiney with  Rik Janssen – guitar ( May 2000 till March 2013), Martin Kooy – Bassguitar (May 2002 till March 2013) and Manon van der Hidde since November 2002

Jett Dadswell joined us on stage from March 2013 till September 2016.

Jacqueline Taylor – Guitar joined us from 2017. And we released together Hourglass

and Shattered Time.