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CD "Hourglass"


EP "Between Dreams and Destiny"


CD "Pearls in Dirt"

Season of Mist

Single "Sour ground"

Single "Pale Light"

CD "Touch in the Dark"
Transmission Records

Single "In Front Of Me"

CD "As voices speak"


CD "As voices speak"
Poison Ivy

Compliatie cd's

The Poison Ivy Strike (1998)

X-treem CD (1998)

Twilight of the Gods (1999)

Gothic Compliatiom Part XXIV (2004)

Rock Tribune – mei (2004)

Gothic Spirits 1 (2005)

Metal Hammer: Front line legion (2007)

Let The Hammer Fall Vol. 61 (2007)

Rock Tribune 68 - Nov 2007

Beauty and Brutality (2010)