Touch in the dark Asrai Gothic Rock
With on Touch in the Dark the following tracks:
  • In front of me
  • Pale light
  • Whisper
  • Touch in the dark
  • Tower
  • Dream
  • Child
  • Garden
  • Shadows

Touch in the Dark

Asrai was signed by Hans van Vuuren;
Transmission records.
And we recorded our second CD
"Touch in the Dark". at the Excess Studio with Hans Pieters and at the Beautiful Lake studio with Roman Schoensee as our producer.  Sascha Paeth as our mixer,  and made the finishing touch.
Asrai Gothic Rock
Asrai Gothic Rock
In a picturesque castle somewhere
in the Netherlands, we had a photo shoot with Angelique van Woerkom.
Asrai Gothic Rock

Made by Marcel de Jong

The pictures were used for the artwork of our album, made by Carsten Dresher

Two singels were released


Pale Light

In front of me

Asrai Gothic Rock

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