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  • Stone Cold
  • Angel
  • All seems so Hollow
  • Overworld
  • Ghost
  • Stone Cold (Grendel remix)

Between Dreams and Destiny

Relasedate: 20 august 2013

Times are changing, and specially in the music scene, suddenly crowdfunding is the keyword. Although not in our dictonary. Back to our roots and recording and releasing our EP independently.

After recording de demo

(All seems so) Hollow  by Hans Pieters , we decided that we want to make a videoclip from this song.


We  went to Germany to the Gatestudio were Sascha Peath recorded and produced our songs.

During our journy to our release we met Jett and when Martin decided to go on his own musical path, we asked Jett to join Asrai. So with a new line-up had a photosession with Kenny van Essen

We were so lucky to work with some amazing people who joined  us on the road between our dreams and our destiny
Specially Sascha Peath it was so much fun and great to work with him again, he produced the EP and recored all songs at the Gate studio except  All seems so Hollow who was recorded at Excess studio by Hans Pieters.

Also  Loes Baijens and Sil Oliver who did an amazing job and made the great clip :All seems so Hollow, and ofcourse Natascha van Poppel who helped us with tips and support while filming

We also would like to mention Kenny van Essen for the fun and really nice photoshoot. Ofcourse Jan Yrland who blend everyting to a magical artwork.
And ofcourse Jos Tucker, popping up through the whole process, like old times. With the re-mix as highlight.
And not to forget, the support from our loved ones and our fans who were willing to wait ...
With all our love Asrai

EP Between Dreams and Destiny.

Stone Cold , Angel, All seems so Hollow, Overworld, Ghost, Stone Cold (Grendel remix)