Live 2017

On the 15th April we 're playing for the first time with our new line-up at the Black-Out festival at the Bibelot.


So two days before the gig Jacqui arrived save and sound in the Netherlands and we had our first rehearshal together.... it was wicked...

Heading to the Bibelote where we are plaing at the Black-out festival, together with Dageist, La luna noire and Schwarzblut


So a small insight what's happening behind the scenes...

The get in, to load every at the venue, fast a possible....


Getting prepared for soundcheck, setting up merch and having a wonderfull dinner back-stage..

A last final touch..... and READY TO ROCK !

Photo by Judith Droog


Photo's by Judtih |Droog, Jolanda van Velzen en Marc de Jong


We would like to thank everybody who made this festival so much fun to play at.

Victor, for making this happen, the DJ's for the nice beats

The photographers for the cool pictures

The bands Dageist, La Luna Noir and Schwarzblut, who were totally cool to play with


Our lovely crew:

Robin, Devon, Joanne, Stephan, Judith and Martin.

and above all out beloved fans who give Jacqui such a warm welcome


with love Asrai x