Live 2006

Almost every fairytale starts in a far far away country, but it seems that every Asrai tour starts very very early in the morning. So this is no other story and it starts early in the morning, going to a far away country:

We're going on tour with o.a. The Birthday Massacre and Paradise Lost.

In Mexico! We heard so many great stories and now we will find our ourselves... Join us on this adventure by clicking this link

4th May 2006
Memorial Day, a day to remember.
Due to Paradiso's decision to have
30 minutes silence for memorial.
We started earlier as planned. It was a pity that not everybody was aware that the pre-party and the after-party were held upstairs. But it was a pleasure to play. Although it was short and a lot of fans missed it. All the fans that were there created a fantastic atmosphere and made it a day to remember.

Tonight at Paradiso the recording will take place for the Epica roadbook....


Today we play in Belgium at the Gothic Festival at Waregem..

Just getting prepared....

Tonight we played at Aaltjerock and at Downhill festival.

First we're having fun at Lelystad.

So straight after stage we run into our van... and up to Roermond