Karin en Margriet (r) Mol. © Jeffrey Groeneweg

Puberty never went away : Karin en Margriet are still gothic stage animals

They look like they've walked out of a gothic comic book. It's dress code all black for Karin and Margriet Mol, whether they're on stage in a sweaty club or with their band Asrai or get an errand at the store around the corner. The identical rock chicks will soon have a party to celebrate.

Arie Bevaart 30-04-24, 19:00


The compellingness of their (kind of) music is not age-related for the twins. Whether you are fourteen or 'a little older' ('Leave out our age'), they still experience the music the same. “For us, music stands for creativity, rebellion and independence,” says singer Margriet Mol. “Then and still today. The family hoped at the time that it was a phase that would pass on its own. But now here we are almost forty years later and it has not turned out to be a puberty phase, but a way of living.

The twins are already looking slightly over the horizon. Because even though the 40th anniversary as an artist is not until next year, the preparations for it have already been started. “We are working on new songs,” says drummer Karin Mol. “With separate streams. The concept of releasing an album, then presenting the album and then going on tour is outdated. Social media have also become more important in the music scene.”



Not that performances have been sworn off, because performing on stage and interacting with a heaving crowd is what an oxygen tank is for an asthma patient. “The adrenaline you feel when you are on the tour bus on the way to a performance...,” says Margriet Mol. “And you hear the audience being wildly enthusiastic. That as a band you experience such intense moments together that you feel a pride that transcends everything."


With brother Henk (now an international booker) as roadie of metal band Black Voice, a world opened up for the young teenage girls. There, at the age of thirteen or fourteen, the twins discovered the magic of music, the camaraderie of playing in a band and a life purpose that brought joy and meaning. And that's also thanks to bands like The Cure and Dead Kennedys.

It has never been our profession. That is only for a small group of artists in the Netherlands

Margriet Mol, Singer


From the Rotterdam music scene they conquered their place in the Dutch gothic and metal scene. They have not become world stars, but they do have a loyal fan base, both nationally and internationally.


“We have often been outside the country's borders,” Margriet Mol continues. "In many Western European countries, the Eastern Bloc, Mexico. It has never been our profession. That is only for a small group of artists in the Netherlands. But Karin enjoys working as a clinical chemical analyst and I work in youth care.”

Margriet Mol (l). © Fanny

Seks, drugs en rock-’n-roll

Voor de zussen die in de Hoeksche Waard aan de Blaaksedijk zijn opgegroeid, valt hun aan de muziek gewijde leven niet samen met seks, drugs en rock-’n-roll. ,,Nou, in elk geval de drugs niet’’, zegt Karin Mol. ,,In de muziek willen een hoop mensen iets van je. Onze jeugd en opvoeding in de Hoeksche Waard hielpen daarbij zeker om nuchter op alles te reageren. Dat verleden van met de voeten in de klei, zeg maar.’


Voor ons staat muziek voor creativi­teit, rebellie en onafhanke­lijk­heid

Margriet Mol, Zangeres


For the sisters who grew up in the Hoeksche Waard on the Blaaksedijk, their life devoted to music does not coincide with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. “Well, at least not the drugs,” says Karin Mol. “In music, a lot of people want something from you. Our youth and upbringing in the Hoeksche Waard certainly helped us to react soberly to everything. That past of having your feet on the ground, so to speak.'


To persevere

Do they want to give a message with their music? “Think for yourself in life,” says Margriet Mol, who, like her sister, lives in Schiedam. “Don't let anyone else impose anything on you. Or hold you back when you really want something. In life, just like in music, it is all about daring, persevering.”